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Harzer highlights

You want to experience even more highlights in the Harz? Then we recommend you a visit of the Harzer highlight website. Here you receive great holiday trips for your stay with us in the Harz. ...

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Biker´s club Okerterrasse

Starting point or goal of wanderings and tours. The Okerterrasse is known as a national biker’s club, because here you will find enough parking lots and beside tasty food and drinks there is ...

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Kristalltherme Altenau

Relax in the Thermen and sauna scenery "Heißer Brocken". The picturesque scenery of the Harz stimulates with her healthy remedical climate the oxygen care, stabilizes therewith the ...

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Herbal park Altenau
Herbal park Altenau

Relax with exotic and odoriferous smells which will enchant your senses and admire what the nature offers to us people. ...

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Imperial city Goslar

Always worth a visit. The more than 1000 years old imperial city Goslar offers to the visitor many cultural places of interest and a nice pedestrian walking area with small and big shops. The old ...

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Goslarer Bimmelbahn

City tours with the Goslarer Bimmelbahn, the attraction in Goslar!   Get to know the historical imperial city of Goslar comfortably with the Bimmelbahn. In 35 minutes you will travel 6.5 ...

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