Sights in the Harz Mountains

Visit the most beautiful landscape in Germany and accompany us on a fascinating journey through the many attractive sights of the Harz Mountains.


Historical moments and incredible views are waiting for your visit! Here is a short overview of the most famous and beautiful places in Lower Saxony for a great day trip or holiday in the Harz Mountains.

Iberger Tropfsteinhöhle

The Iberg stalactite cave was opened in July 2008 and has since then been a scene of our earth's history for young and old alike. Two museums reflect the great highlights of German cave archaeology. The highlight of this tour is the fascinating journey through the cave world. In our tour "HöhlenErlebnisZentrum Iberg" we offer you not only a visit to the most famous stalactite cave of the Harz mountains but also a wonderful boat trip across the Okersee lake with great views of the Harz mountains. You should not miss that.


The Altenauer Kräuterpark


The Herb Park Altenau is the largest herb park in Germany with its variety of local and exotic spices and herbs. Here you can experience the most beautiful colors in their full splendor and everything worth knowing about the uses and healing powers, even tasting is allowed! In our group offer "Top-of-the-mountains" you will spend a beautiful day on the Okersee with a visit to the herb park. Enjoy nature with us!

Altenauer Brauerei

The Altenauer Brewery brews its fabulous Altenauer beer according to the Purity Law of 1516 until today and delivers about 20,000 bottles daily. Experience the medieval brewery in all its splendor and enjoy the historical ambience during a nice tasting on site. We will make this experience perfect, because we take care of the "stuff" - both the food before and the coffee afterwards will be taken care of and as a highlight a wonderful big Okersee tour.



Visit the Rammelsberg exhibition worlds and learn all about the history and culture of mining in the Lower Harz Mountains. Get impressions of modern art or Goethe's visit to the Harz and the Rammelsberg. Go with us on a journey into the past and experience many great Harz sights besides the show mine. Our group tour "Schnaps- und Schifffahrt" will take you through the most beautiful places of the Harz.


How about a nice sightseeing tour through the imperial city of Goslar? From beautiful old buildings like the town hall to the city's ramparts. Architecture and history play an important role in this place and are therefore definitely worth a visit. You can also take advantage of our offer "Event-Day Trip Harz". Here you will not only be shown the most beautiful corners of the city, but you will also take a wonderful Okersee boat trip with a delicious 2-course menu.

Brockenbahn (HSB)

Explore the Harzer Brocken and experience the technically valuable vehicle fleet with many attractions and events. Take the Brockenbahn through the beautiful Harz landscape and enjoy the view from the highest station of all German adhesion narrow-gauge railways.

This sight will amaze not only the greatest railway enthusiasts, but also the very young ones! Visit the Harzer Schmalspurbahnen (HSB) together with us and take a wonderful boat trip on the Okersee. We have great offers for you - just have a look!


The village of Torfhaus in the Harz National Park is the highest settlement in Lower Saxony and has numerous hiking and cycling paths. How about a trip to the Brocken via the Goetheweg, for example, or a visit to a popular motorcyclist meeting point, the large "Brockenblick" car park? Here you can enjoy nature to the full and simply switch off. Join us on our journey and experience the beautiful landscape of the Harz National Park as well as a wonderful boat trip on the Okersee.

Seilbahnen Thale Erlebniswelt

As a perfect destination for an excursion, the adventure world of the Thale cable cars is also used very often. Here young and old, children and seniors as well as families and friends meet for a varied day with mini golf, chair lift and cable cars, witch's cauldron and and. There is something suitable for everyone and guarantees a successful day with many joyful moments. Convince yourself and combine your trip with one of our numerous offers around the Okersee shipping. The beautiful view of the Harz mountains and the delicious food will remain in your memory.


The mountain town Clausthal-Zellerfeld is a university town in the district of Goslar. This place is both a winter sports field and a state-approved health resort with a healthy climate. Historical buildings such as the St. Salvatoris Church and the market church "Zum Heiligen Geist" are fascinating places to visit for the numerous tourists of the Harz Mountains. Go with us on a great discovery tour and visit beautiful places and additionally take a breathtaking boat trip on the Harz Okersee.

The Oberharzer Bergwerksmuseum

Glückauf in Germany's oldest mining museum in Clausthal-Zellerfeld in the Upper Harz Mountains. In our museum we show you the historical development of ore mining from the Middle Ages to the end of the 19th century, and we give you an insight into the technical achievements of mining. Our stock of exhibits is unique in combination with the original mining facilities in the open-air area.

The Upper Harz Mining Museum is now also home to the central management of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Upper Harz Water Management. This gives you an even better insight into the unique cultural landscape that has been created here in the Upper Harz by mining.


If you drive from the west to Clausthal you will soon realize that mining was done here, because the winding tower of Ottiliae shaft can be seen from far away. It is one of the most famous montane sights of the Harz Mountains and is also one of the oldest preserved iron pitheads in Central Europe.

The shaft owes its name to Ernst Hermann Ottiliae, the first mining captain after the annexation of the Kingdom of Hanover to Prussia (since 1868). It was here that the ore from the entire Clausthal mining district was brought to the surface and prepared in the huge central processing plant for further processing in the smelters. After mining in the Upper Harz Mountains was discontinued in 1930, the gradient of the Ottiliae shaft was used to generate electricity until 1980.

Weltkulturerbe Oberharzer Wasserregal

If you are walking through the countryside around Clausthal-Zellerfeld, you will soon come across one of the many ponds - especially if your path takes you along a narrow ditch, as there are countless of them in the Upper Harz Mountains. Occasionally you will even come across a mouth hole where the water of a ditch disappears. No doubt, you have discovered the facilities of the cultural monument Oberharzer Wasserregal. It is the largest part of the UNESCO World Heritage "Upper Harz Water Management".


What today contributes to the uniqueness of the idyllic cultural landscape was once an industrial infrastructure. All facilities were built to generate hydroelectric power, as the many scattered mines had an immense energy requirement for the time. A unique system of water reservoirs and pipelines was created to make optimum use of the abundant water available.

Klosterkornbrennerei Wöltingerode

In the historical grain distillery you will experience the history of the monastery of Wöltingerode with the help of a guided tour and learn everything about the art of distilling spirits. A tasting on site is also part of the tour. With the "Schnapps- und Schifffahrts-Reise" we will not only take you to the right destination, but also guide you through the beautiful Harz Mountains and take care of the right food after the tour.

Pullman City

Visit the western city of Pullman City with many attractions and shows that will make your day special. No matter if young or old, here everybody gets his money's worth and experiences not only a lot of fun but also countless exciting adventures. Let yourself be enchanted by a world of cowboys, saloons and lots of music. Take advantage of our Harz-Tour and experience many other sights of the Harz besides these exciting moments. With the offer "Event-Day Trip Harz" you can start the day with a fantastic Okersee boat trip and visit the many scenes of the Harz afterwards.

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