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Conferences and seminars

Working on the MS „AquaMarin“.

We arrange the whole conference technology, the suitable seats and we also provide you with delicious food and drinks during your stay aboard.

Naturally you can interrupt you seminar or conference for a restful walk at the beautiful bank. So you can reflect the discussed things either together or individually.

•  Pin board / metaplan • Flipchart •  TV-monitor
•  Camcorder • Video recorder • DVD-player
•  Overhead projector •  Diaprojector •  Beamer
•  P.A. system •  Cassette tape recorder
•  Telephone •  Fax • Internet
•  Presenter´s suitcase
• Indefinitely mineral water

Conference arrangement I

• Two breaks with coffee/tea, once with a snack, once with fruit and yoghurt
• Business-lunch if requested as three course menu or as buffet
• Conference time 8 hours € 39,50 per person
• Indefinitely mineral water
• One pause with coffee/tea, fruits and yoghurt or snacks
• Conference time 3 hours € 15,50 per person
• Just like conference arrangement 1, additional:
• with overnight stay and breakfast in the country hotel close to the place.
• Three-course Harzer deer- menu or other three course menu

Conference arrangement II


Conference arrangement III


€ 81,50 per person

All prices are inclusive the legal value added tax.

All prices include the conference space and the basis equipment of conference technology. Mistakes and changes reserve.


Conference technology aboard


On more than 100 square meters we offer to our guests exclusive and adaptable rooms for conferences.


During a delicious dinner the guests are involved in the course of the crime dinner and solve the cases together with the actors.

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