The Harz

The Harz offers you a variety like no other low mountain range in Germany. Picturesque villages and provincial towns, charming valleys or precipitously cliff walls with the bubbling rivers rushing in the depth which are inviting to look at and relax. Density mountain woods, weird cliff gulches, mysterious caves and rushing waterfalls in the middle of an imposing physical scenery.


The Harz is in Germany the most northern low mountain range. While he juts out of the environs precipitously in the northwest he drops to southeast shallowly. His largest expansion amounts to approximate 100 km. The biggest width is about 40 km and with the Brocken the Harz reaches a height of 1142 meters. In his area you find two national parks. In the upper positions of the Harz the scenery is stamped by spruce forests, cliff halls and moors. In the deeper areas you find mixed forests and deciduous forests as well as colored pastures.


Because of his special position the Harz is exceedingly liked by winter sportsmen. More than 500 km of cross-country skiing trails pull through the scenery. Also for the alpine skiing there are numerous possibilities. But also the remaining year you find in the Harz a lot of leisure offers, because the Harz is more than "only" 8.000km of marked footpaths.

 The Harz has many faces. Here you find rare animals and plants which you search in vain somewhere else. The shy wild cat for example, owl, kingfisher and the black stork are still home here. The 100-year-old Brocken garden with mountain plants from all over the world is worth a special visit. From the highest mountain you look at the Harz with his both national parks.



The Harz lies in the middle of North Germany. Only 80 km away from Hannover, 50 km away from Braunschweig, 250 km away from Berlin and 3oo km away from Hamburg or the Ruhrgebiet. If you want to know how you can come fast and comfortably to us, please click here for a journey sketch. 


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