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Events Venue Dates
Maritime brunch refreshment bar Fahrgastschiff "AquaMarin" 03/05 - 18/10/20
Dinner theater: Murder on the MS Aqua Marine Fahrgastschiff "AquaMarin" 29/08 - 12/12/20
Christmas brunch buffet Fahrgastschiff "AquaMarin" 06 - 20/12/20
Christmas Evening on the Okersee Fahrgastschiff "AquaMarin" 04/12/20
Gourmet trip on Easter Sunday Fahrgastschiff "AquaMarin" 04/04/21
Gourmet trip on Easter Monday Fahrgastschiff "AquaMarin" 05/04/21
Father's Day Special Biplane - Ascension Fahrgastschiff "AquaMarin" 13/05/21
Mother's Day gourmet trip Fahrgastschiff "AquaMarin" 09/05/21
Gourmet trip with asparagus highlights on Whitsunday Fahrgastschiff "AquaMarin" 23/05/21
Gourmet trip with asparagus highlights on Whit Monday Fahrgastschiff "AquaMarin" 24/05/21

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