Charter buffets

You are planning an arrangement or celebration on our ship?

You still search a suitable choice of food and drinks?

Here you are- our charter buffets are just right. At a fixed price you receive from us delicious buffets. For the best: You needed look any further.

Samba buffet

A creation of many fresh and light South American specialities: Maldivian fish pot marinated mussels, chicken "Waikiki", Jambalaya, seafood salad, salad refreshment bar with different dressings, chocolate cream with Bacardi, vanilla pudding with Curacao and many other highlight from Brasilia and co. And on site a cook who accompanies you and your guests with this culinary experience.

only € 45,- per person

Finger food buffet

Salmon, chocolates dry tomatoes, grilled zucchini, melon with Katenschinken, feta cheese- cubes in a wine sauce, New Zealand green mussels in vinaigrette smoked salmon tartlet, salad choice, bread and butter, tomato- bouillon with mini- Maultaschen, baked chicken nuggets, mini quiche, small meat spits in barbecue sauce, Nuremberg grilled sausages spring rolls, subdued dim sum, vanilla mousse, berry groats with vanilla sauce and other tasty desserts.


only € 35,- per person

Boatsmen buffet

Simple but great: grilled warm spit roast with a choice of fish and meat specialities like trout fillet, mackerel fillet, Schwarzwald ham, bacon, little asparagus roles, small minced meat balls, grilled chicken clubs, cheese cubes, brie, coleslaw, farmers salad, sausage salad, choice of rustic kinds of bread, butter Only 17,00 € per person


only € 17,- per person

Officer´s buffet

Tasty food from the German and international kitchen, Kassler in the puff pastry, fish specialities like pickled salmon, international plate of cold cuts with different kinds of ham, salami and cheese, tomatoes and mozzarella, chicken salad, sausages salad, red groats with vanilla sauce, choice of bread, butter


only € 20,- per person

Captains buffet

Generous seafood, many meat specialities, filet goulash Stroganoff, crispy baked chicken breast, pickled salmon scampi, international plate of cold cuts with different kinds of ham, salami, cheese, chicken salad, waldorf salad, crab salad, mousse au chocolate, fruit salad, with fresh papaya, kiwis etc. bread and butter.


only € 25,- per person

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