Charter buffets

Are you planning an event or celebration on our ship?

Are you still looking for a suitable selection of food and drinks?

Our charter buffets are the right choice. You will receive culinary delicacies from us at a fixed price. And the best: you don't have to worry about anything!

Samba Buffet

A creation of many fresh and light South American specialities. Maldivian fish stew, marinated mussels, chicken "Waikiki", yambolaya, seafood salad, salad buffet with various dressings, chocolate cream with Bacardi, vanilla pudding with curacao and many other highlights from

Brazil & Co. And a chef on site to guide you and your guests through this culinary experience.

only € 54,- p. P.

Finger food buffet

Salmon pralines, sun-dried tomatoes, grilled courgette, melon with Katen ham, feta cheese cubes in a vine leaf, New Zealand green mussels with vinaigrette, smoked salmon tartlets, salad selection, bread and butter, Tomato broth with mini-multichokes, baked chicken nuggets, mini quiche, small meat skewers on barbecue sauce, Nuremberg grilled sausage, spring rolls, steamed dim sum, vanilla mousse, berries with vanilla sauce and other delicious desserts.

only € 45,- p. P.

Boatswain's Buffet

Simple but good. Grilled warm spit-roast with a selection of fish and meat specialities. Such as trout fillet, mackerel fillet, Black Forest ham, bone-in ham, bacon, asparagus rolls, meatballs, grilled chicken legs, sliced cheese, resin cheese, lard, brie, coleslaw, farmer's salad, sausage salad, rustic bread selection, portion butter.

only € 26,- p. P.

Officer's Buffet

Delicious dishes from German and international cuisine. Kasseler in puff pastry,
Fish specialities such as pickled salmon, international cold cuts platter with various hams, salami and cheeses, tomatoes with mozzarella, chicken salad, sausage salad, red fruit jelly with vanilla sauce, selection of bread, butter.

only € 39,- p. P.

Captain's buffet

Noble from the sea, with many meat specialities. Filet goulash stroganoff, chicken breast in a crispy coating, pickled salmon, scampi, international cold cuts platter with various hams, salami and cheeses, poultry salad, Waldorf salad, crab salad, chocolate mousse, fruit salad with fresh papayas, kiwis, etc., selection of bread, butter.

only € 34,- p. P.