Shipping company Römermann

Company history

Since 1972, the only passenger ship in the Harz has been operating on the Oker dam. At that time operated by the public transport company KVG Braunschweig, in 1976 taken over by the spa company "Die 5 Oberharzer". In 1983 Captain Hermann Römermann, formerly on long voyages, bought the shipping company and founded the shipping company Okersee Schiffahrt GmbH, OSS for short.

Known as the "Oberharzer Gebirgsmarine", the Römermann family is now running the company in the second generation after the takeover in 1994 by son Captain Michael Jonas Römermann. The company continued to grow, so that the desire for greater capacity soon arose. The OSS went in search of a new ship. The former "Sauerland" from Lake Bigge in the Sauerland was the right ship and has now been sailing under her new name MS "AquaMarin" on the Oker dam since March 2001.



The Aqua Marin counts as a luck stone of the seafarers, searchers and travelers. He should release his owner from worries and guarantees friendship and justice. ...

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