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Job offers

For the strengthening of our team we are looking constantly for engaged, motivated employees for our gastronomy and the Okersee ship journey.

We grow – grow with us! Send us your application form.


Topical Job offers


Ship – gastronomy:

  • Two waiters/waitresses

    engaged from the beginning of April to the end of October full time or part time

  • Two kitchen- boys or -girls 

    engaged from the beginning of April to the end of October full time or part time


Sporthotel Schulenberg and Cream-Puff Palace:

  • Three waiters/waitresses engaged from the beginning of April to the end of October  

    full time or partial time and on base of 400 Euro

  • two kitchen-boys/girls

    full time or partial time and on base of 400 Euro

  • Confectioner
  • Head chef
  • Receptionist


You should have experience in the area of system catering or you have already worked in the group business. An own vehicle is necessary. What you can expect from an unusual workplaces? Above average payments and a nice team here and on the Okersee.


Email applications are treated preferentially. If you like to apply by email please scan all your documents. (Only in PDF-format); alternatively send your documents by mail. If you fulfill our requirement profile, we are glad about your expressive application.

Shipping company Römermann

History of the enterprise

The only passenger’s ship in the Harz on the Okertalsperre exists since 1972. At that time the public personal traffic Braunschweig KVG pursued the passenger’s ship . Than in 1976 it was taken over by the health resort company "The 5 Oberharzer". In 1983 began captain Herman Römerman, who was formerly on big journeys, the passenger’s ship and founded the shipping company Okersee-ship journey GmbH, briefly called OSS. After the takeover by son captain Michael Jonas Römerman in 1994, the family pursues now in second generation the ship company, now known as the "Harzer mountain navy." 

The company grew further, so that soon the wish for bigger capacities woke up. Over and over again guests had to be sent away because the boat was too small. The OSS went on search for a new ship. The former "Sauerland" of the Biggesee in "Sauerland" was the right ship and drives now since March 2001 with her new name MS Aqua Marin on the Okersee.

Enterprise purposes

In the foreground of our activity as shipping company stands of course the ship journey without any problems and a high- class quality- level. Management and employees are always demanded to fulfill the own high- class quality- levels. During the last years a strictly and continuous advancement to a service enterprise was pursued. Advanced trainings and continuing education in all personnel areas as well as investments in the newest technologies will further increase our efficiency to our guests during the next years.


1. All actions of the Okersee- ship journey GmbH and his employees is orientated by the needs of his customers.


2. As a family enterprise with a long tradition in the ship journey it is our purpose to be to our guests a competent and approved partner.

3. Our employees are the most important capital of our enterprise. With engagement, tolerance and esteem we work hand in hand to inspire our guests with our services.

4. Her professional and personal advancement is promoted by continuous and advanced trainings of our employees to present the nest to our guests.

5. We communicate openly, fairly and efficiently.

6. As a medium constant enterprise with short ways of communication and clear structures we react adaptable and spontaneously to changes of the customer wishes of the market as well as to internal.

7. We look at the collaboration with our guests and business partners as a partnership on the same eye level.

8. We have engaged, self-confident and entrepreneurial thinking employees


Our philosophy

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